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Trucking Along

Yesterday was the start of truck day, & the reps have already stopped by this week!! So you know what that means! New products. Random shenanigans from the team.

Each week we will post a memorable moment on truck day quick and small post about whats going on with us, our drivers, our reps, and any other fun things I can think of!

Today we finally got in our Purple Toad wines! 

Lauren's Blackberry 

Black and Bruised

Paducha Harbor


Personally I'm excited about this flavor, its been requested often since we've been out. Maybe we'll do a Wino-Wednesday on it. We shall SEEEEE!

We got some other new items in, pop on over to our Instagram to see it all nice and close up!

Excuse our dirty backroom, but this is where the magic is made.  Mostly a little pixi dust and liquor really. 

But I bet you can't spy the new BOM BOM Nilli Vanilla or Coco Mochanut! These drinks are totally Gluten FREE, dairy FREE & Vegan! One tastes like vanilla wafers and the other like melted chocolate candy! Mmmm cream liquors are amazing. You can make some bad ass shakes with these.

Speaking of frozen~!

Have you checked out the new flavors we got in for the Daily's Frozen Cocktail? Bahama Mama and Berry Lemonade sounds too good to be true. I swear we spend most our paychecks on these sweet drinks. Yum. Were ready for them summer vibes. 

Do you even lift ?

We should be super fit by now but you know pizza is true love so.. theres that. Which our awesome BOSSLADY got us some pizza to fest on earlier.. She was craving it today. Pizza is love pizza is life.

Can you spot the Pizza box? ha! 

Maybe I'll do a "When you see it" post with truck days. Who knows. 

I swear Jenn loves truck days. Shes our most organized, her OCD really helps keep this store so pretty and clean. shes got a real good eye for that kinda stuff. 

Most of the time she wont let you touch the truck. She already has it all planned out in her head. Can't complain she works really hard and she gets it done right!

That's why if you have the chance donate to her cause. This mommabear is out there making it on her own! 

Well as the saying goes another day another drink.

Not much was happening on this truck day. But check back for new posts weekly!!

Thanks for reading!!

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