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May 8, 2018



As of  May 8th the launching of the new website!

 We will be trying to blog more about the adventures here at Legion Liquors, answer any questions in detail, post some recipes we've tried at home, our own reviews on certain tastings, maybe customer posts on their very own recipes or etc., and over all new information as it comes.

We hope you will enjoy this part of the site and visit frequently to see whats new. 

We will try to post two to three times a week here! So leave us some love. Also remember to leave us some reviews and let us know how we are doing or what we could do to improve as there is always room for improvement, or if you think of things you want to see or read about let us know. 

With your permission we will always give credit on any posts/recommendations etc.


We are so very proud of our growth as a family this year! We hope you all will grow with us.

For some of our most asked question


1. Why do we ID at the door?

In order to continue the tastings, maintain our sampling license and comply with ALL state and local laws, we must ID ALL Patrons upon entering. We scan IDs to verify its authenticity, expiration and date of birth. The information is then discarded..


2. My ID is expired but it has my birthday. Why wont you take it?

In the state of Kentucky if your ID is expired, damaged (hole punched, filmed ripped to where we cannot see your photo, ripped into two, etc) printed (this does not include the temp some DMV's give, as long as it is folded the way they gave it and the barcode is present.) and anything that hides your face or birthday or expiration date. It is actually NOT a valid ID. 

As a store we have to protect our customers and ourselves and thus ABC has let us know we are to deny sales to those without a valid GOVERNMENT ISSUED form of ID. 


3. Don't I look old enough to be in here ?

Again because of our sampling license, the state of Kentucky considers us serving liquor and since we do not lock our containers away we are held at the same standers of a bar or nightclub.


Here at Legion Liquors' we want to give you the best possible customer service experience and the safest therefore we will comply with the law and we will deny services to any persons buying or heard buying for any minors. 


Thanks so much for reading our first post! 

We hope to see you soon!


This weeks favorite taster :


That chocolate taste with a hint of liquor, for you chocolate lovers! 

3:30pm - 7:30pm every day.


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