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It's that magical time again!

It's Wino-Wednesday!!! If your anything like me, (Lets hope not..) I am in love with sweet wines, so I have a sweet tooth.  I have yet to develop my Wine Palate. 

Here is how you can Develop Your Wine Palate  by Wine Folly. Thanks to them I learn so much so check them out.

But before I go into details I'll just go through a quick rundown on what I'll be posting.

  1. The Look; What I see

  2. The Smell

  3. The Taste

  4. Texture and Body

  5. What It reminds me of/What compares

Now what I learn is my experiences.. as I go on I hope to include other's experiences and start conversations! 

Today's wine will be


The look 

-Now this wine is of course red it makes me think of grape juice.


-Rustic with a sweet tart glaze. 


-Its a sweet wine, not semi sweet but small bite at the end.


-Little heavier then the 502 Sweet Red.


-Very different, haven't had a wine that I could compare or it would remind me of currently

I like to enjoy my wine with dinner and a movie or show. I'm a Netflix and wine

type of girl. So don't interrupt my show! Currently watching American Horror Story all over again.

What do you do on your day off? Comment leave some love and pictures if you've tried it. #Hashtag or Tag us on Instagramif your enjoying that same wine this week! 

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